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    Please complete VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP FORM (mail-in or online) by Friday, September 9, 2021
    Race Volunteers are essential to ensure the safety of all participants, and enable race day schedule to run smoothly . Thank you so much to those of you who are considering this very important position. Would be happy to write a letter for you, if need be, to justify your generous time spent for this charitable event.


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      Race Volunteers are needed to assist with the following:
      Rank in order in box to LEFT from 1 – 6 (1 = Most Desired; 6 = Least Desired)
        A. Assist with chip timing/scoring professional at start/finish line
        B. Safely direct participants along race course at assigned intersection
        C. Hold stop watch and call out times at 1 and 2 mile mark
        D. Assist with race-day check-in and registration
        E. Distribute water to participants at 1.5 mile mark (Martz Bus Station Parking lot) and at Finish line
        F. Take photographs at predetermined locations
      * All efforts will be made to assign volunteers to their top choice, but this is not guaranteed.
    Thank you for volunteering your time! This race can't function without you!!!